About Frame Depot


The Frame Depot Milford, NH StaffAt The Frame Depot, we believe there is value in framing your art and keepsakes in-person versus framing online. Working with a professional framer in person assures the beautiful preservation of your art for years to come. Expert custom framing services should be a collaborative effort between the framer and the customer with the end goal of aesthetic appeal and preservation.

When you come to us, one of our professional framers will help you choose a frame that will showcase your piece. The goal is to complete it instead of distracting from it. We may ask you about your home or personal decorating style to help ensure that the frame will work in your home. There are also environmental factors to take into consideration. If you plan to hang a piece in an area that is prone to moisture, we will need to frame it differently. As we walk through the process with you, we will help you decide which options are best to protect and display the item you have brought to us.

We know that our customers value the items they bring to us for framing and we honor and respect that in all of our work.


With a history of framing for the Southern New Hampshire area, The Frame Depot offers quality custom framing at affordable prices. A wide selection of moldings and mats to choose from allows our experienced staff to help you pick the perfect framing combination to enhance your artwork.

All work is handled on the premises by our experienced framers – the same people who greet you at the front counter every visit.