Creating A NH Art Gallery At Home

NH art gallery

Creating A NH Art Gallery At Home

While many of us are stuck at home these days, you may be noticing that your walls are closing in. If so, now, more than ever, is the best time to create an NH art gallery within your home! With time to spare, you can focus on your style, the work on hand, as well as supporting local artists through online research!

In this article, we’re providing you with a few of the most important steps for creating an art gallery within your home!


Consider your gallery size

Depending on the location of your intended display, you’ll need to choose pieces that work with the allotted space. How extensive is your current collection of artwork? Do you intend to expand your display? While some homeowners are looking for a one and done solution to bring visual appeal to a boring wall, others are looking to create an ongoing gallery.

Deciding, where and what are the first steps to establishing the ideal art gallery in your home.


Choose your artwork

Possibly one of the best parts of creating your NH art gallery is choosing what you’ll display. While some families create a family wall filled with handmade artwork, artifacts, and photographs from travels, others invest in local paintings, sculptures, and other media.

There is no right or wrong here; the choice is yours!


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Get creative with several layouts

Once you’ve established your location and have your artwork in hand, it’s time to get creative! How you choose to display your artwork will create depth, appeal, and tell the story you’re trying to portray. For example, if you have large, framed pieces of artwork, you may want to consider spacing them across a wall with a considerable distance in between. This will allow the eye to rest and give each piece individual attention.

On the other hand, if you’re creating a family wall of photographs, drawings, and other memorabilia, placing items closer together may work better. By doing so, the eye will travel quickly from one piece to the next, telling a story as the eye travels.


Play with color

Pops of color in the artwork, or your wall paint, is a great way to enhance your artwork. Furthermore, a common color is an excellent way to link all of your different pieces together. If the work proves challenging in this aspect, consider tying your pieces together with frames and matte color.


As a unique NH art gallery in Milford, our team at The Frame Depot is here to help you with all of your framing needs! Contact us today for more information on how we can help bring your art gallery to life (603) 673-2936!