Canvas Stretching

Do you have a work of art on canvas that you want to present on your walls? We can help! We offer a variety of canvas stretching services tailored to your display needs:

Traditional Stretching – This is done by building a strainer frame and wrapping the canvas, so the entirety of the art is visible from the front. The selection of any regular frame profile can be used to finish off the look.

Canvas Dry Mount – Similar to dry mounting a photo or poster, this permanent process fuses a canvas to a firm backing. This technique is only recommended for prints on canvas but is a very affordable alternative to stretching. It also allows for a wide selection of frames since the finished product remains thin and lightweight.

Gallery Wrapping – A technique which makes use of a deeper strainer frame, typically 1” in depth or more, and sees the canvas wrapped so that part of the image is visible down the sides. Gallery wrapped canvases are commonly hung without a frame to provide a minimalistic, 3-D look on your wall.

Float Framing – The final stretching technique is accomplished the same way as the gallery wrap but with that addition of an unobtrusive border. The wrapped canvas is placed within a frame style that has no frontal coverage. Instead, it leaves a small space surrounding the art to give the canvas a “floating” effect. This is very elegant and modern at the same time.