Sports Fan? Display Your Pride with Shadowbox Framing.

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Sports Fan? Display Your Pride with Shadowbox Framing.

If you live in New England, chances are you’re a sports fan. I mean, how can you not be with the empire of teams the region has spoiled us with? Even if you don’t follow professional sports, you may have memorabilia of sorts lying around. Whether these items are from your youth or your child’s sports items, shadowbox framing is an excellent way to display these memories in a professional manner that will have heads turning.


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What is shadowbox framing?

A shadowbox display is one that strategically displays items of meaning. Constructed of wood and enclosed with UV filtering glass, a shadowbox is a perfect solution to protect valuable items from fading and other damage. Most common for military displays, shadowboxes are also a very popular way to display sports memorabilia.

By carefully placing items within the given space, visual interest is created for those viewing the display. Artistic touches are used to create depth and direct eye movement around the display. Another way to enhance your display is with fabric-covered matting. Materials such as suede, linen, and even fake turf, will help to enhance the objects at hand.


What types of items are used in shadowboxes?

custom framing NHWhen it comes to shadowbox framing, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re looking to display the baseball bat from the winning hit of your childhood game, the lucky gameday socks or fishing rod, anything is possible. Perhaps you went to a football game and were lucky enough to catch the ball from one of the players; we can frame it! Signed jersey? No problem!

Shadowboxes are a collection of those priceless objects. Instead of storing that old shoebox under the bed for any longer, a trip to your local framing store can provide you with a piece of artwork for all to see! From tickets to photos, clothing, and hats to balls and racquets, the experts at The Frame Depot have your needs covered! And the best part, all items are fully removable if desired.



If you’ve been looking for a way to protect and enhance your sports memorabilia, it’s time to contact the team at The Frame Depot about shadowbox framing. We will work with you to create the optimal display perfect for any room. Stop by the store today to see the full range of options we have to offer. While you’re here, remember to enter our monthly raffle. This month’s giveaway features a Red Sox Shadowbox!